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Copenhagen Fintech Programs

Supporting fintech-focused entrepreneurs - to validate, build, and grow their fintechs.

Why join?

The Pre-incubation program enables researchers and university-born ventures to validate their idea and to build a business case within financial services.

The Incubation program is targeted at early stage fintech startups pursuing their idea full time, looking for advice and connections while bringing their product to market.

The Scaleup program is for fintech startups who reached local product-market fit and are looking for support in tackling the key barriers to growth and for entering new markets.

You will gain access to:

• Community of fintech startups, mentors, corporate partners and investors
• Office in our co-working space Copenhagen Fintech Lab, housing 50 fintech startups, where we run most of our activities
• Advice and sparring on your business development
• Demo Days involving our network of investors & partners

How does it work?

We select 4-8 startups (depending on the program) and invite them to sit with us in the Copenhagen Fintech Lab. Each program consists of three elements – knowledge-sharing sprint, creating useful connections, and showcasing within our wide network.

Please note: Applications for the scaleup programme will open soon.

What's going to happen?

  • Pre-incubation program: next cohort will start November 2022
  • Incubation program: next cohort will start September 2022
  • Scaleup program: next cohort expected to start mid-2022
Next application deadline
Pre-incubation Programme: 16 October 2022
Incubation Programme: 21 August 2022
2–3 months
Please note
In order to maximise progress for the startup in the program, it is necessary that all team members participate in the program together.
Andrei Anghel
Head of Programs
+45 2652
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