incubation program

Life Science

For startups with innovative solutions in life science and health technology.

Why join?

The incubation program gives your startup input and help to achieve the full potential of you original idea and innovative Life science or welfare tech solution.

You will gain access to:

  • Pitch training and input from technical experts, customers, and lead users on your solution
  • Mentorship throughout the program
  • Get to know the regulatory journey of your product or service
  • A new network of startups
  • Access to the Life Science ecosystem

How does it work?

You will be going through the incubation program together with other startups with whom you can share knowledge. You are also assigned a core contact person at the Danish Life Science cluster, who will during mentorship help you to grow your startup, accomplish your development goals, and connect you to the relevant experts, companies or institution for your startup.

In order to maximise progress for the startup in the program, it is necessary that all team members participate in the program together. Note that s

What's going to happen?

  • 5 September: Application deadline
  • 21 September: Workshop 1 – Kick-off and storytelling
  • 4 October: Workshop 2 – Booster board 1 with expert panel
  • 25 October: Pitch training – dissemination of your project
  • 10 November: Common conference stand at WHINN including pitch for experts and audience
Next application deadline
The 5th of September 2022
5 months
Please note
Startups will enter the program via a short contract signature as well as undergo a simple time registration at the end of the program.
Julie Justi Andreasen
+45 2620
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