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Beyond Beta’s two tracks address the challenges and opportunities relevant to your startup and industry. Perhaps you have a great idea and need the skills to turn it into a flourishing business, or maybe you are already driving customers but want to improve your business model. Either way – find the program that suits you.
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Startup Life Stages
You have a concept and maybe some kind of prototype but no significant traction yet
You have proof of concept and commitment from first customers/users
Prepare to scale
You have gained significant traction, and are ready to take in your first larger investment
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Business Mentors
Get top-tier sparring from ex-founders, leading developers, and investment specialists who provide advice on everything from the latest industry research to international opportunities.
Lead User Network
Stress-test your concept against a Lead User Network of trendsetting customers in your product or service area. Enter the field and collect market intelligence straight from the source.
Advisory Board
Your advisory board will help you test your business plan against all angles and provide valuable knowledge of your specific market, investment opportunities, and next steps.
Tech BBQ Participation
Join Beyond Beta at Tech BBQ. Showcase your startup to investors, corporates, scale-ups, and influential innovators at Denmark´s biggest startup event.
A bag of money
Feasibility Voucher
Access the most dynamic and flexible money in the innovation system in Denmark. Get up to 150.000 dkk. for the purchase of expert advice and/or testing to validate your product or service.
For opportunities abroad, get advice on entering new markets and go on market visits to research your potential customers first-hand.

Apply to the Beyond Beta Accelerator

Beyond Beta’s Accelerator program is designed to guide more mature startups, and based on the experiences of over 190 Danish startups across four batches, founders receive individual tools and mentorship geared towards scaling their businesses.
Application deadline: passed
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Startup portfolio

Abandon your own point of view

Carlo Mancari, one of Entwine’s co-founders, shares their startup’s mission to combine architecture and engineering and transform the way buildings are designed.
Startup portfolio

Abandon your own point of view

For Carlo Mancari, co-founder of Entwine, getting an unbiased outside look was key for their development. Mancari, an engineer by trade, shares his biggest takeaways since becoming an entrepreneur.