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Stop by our booth at TechBBQ and visit our showcasing startups and join our micro talks! See the full program here!
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Beyond Beta is also about networking!
We have succesfully completed our "Beyond Beta presents TalkBBQ on Tour" where startups had the opportunity to network with local entrepreneurs, investors, and other ecosystem players. Thank you to all the startups for participating, and for some great panel discussions on mental health, how to attract employees and how to scale during tubulent times!
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Yes, we are selective!
A great number of startups applied for our popular Beyond Beta accelerator program for the spring season, and we are excited to co-pilot the selected startups on their incredible ventures!
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Apply to the Beyond Beta Accelerator

Beyond Beta’s Accelerator program is designed to guide more mature startups, and based on the experiences of over 190 Danish startups across four batches, founders receive individual tools and mentorship geared towards scaling their businesses.
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From Blueprint to business

There's more to venture than capital

At Beyond Beta, we empower startups to navigate new territories. Whether you are an early-stage startup or more mature, the ability to drive ventures forward in a world of uncertainty is key to success. We’re here to co-pilot that venture with you.

Our two tracks feature tailored curriculums focused on transforming your idea into a sustainable business. Get the venture tools needed for your industry to drive, gear, and scale your business forward.
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Abandon your own point of view

Carlo Mancari, one of Entwine’s co-founders, shares their startup’s mission to combine architecture and engineering and transform the way buildings are designed.

Find the program that's right for your company

Not sure which track to choose? Whether you’re still finding your footing or already have loyal customers and are looking to expand, we have a program tailored to the challenges of your life stage.
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Powerful online toolbox. Available anytime. Anywhere.

For on-demand content, get access to a library of courses taught by leading business experts through the pre-accelerator online program.
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Guifré Vidal, NAUST Robotics
Our mentors are really open-minded and really willing to help you. You can really feel that they are a part of the team, and that is a huge plus.
Mikkel Søgaard, Digital Devotion Games
If I had joined Beyond Beta a year before, I would have gotten so much further, so much quicker because I wouldn’t have to learn it all on my own.