We empower startups to venture into the future.

Beyond Beta supports the startup ecosystem by providing the right blend of industry-specific insights and cross-industry peer-to-peer network. We take pride in being part of the Danish startup culture, helping to shape and drive the businesses of tomorrow.
Our mission

From blueprint to business.

At Beyond Beta we empower startups to venture into the future by providing the needed knowledge, network, and navigation.

We work with industry leaders and serial entrepreneurs to enable startups to stand on the shoulders of giants. To get the most valuable insights and network, while learning from the mistakes of others. And together, find the right path for you and your business.

There’s no single road to success. The ones who succeed are the ones who thrive in the unknown. We are here to co-pilot your venture, helping you go from blueprint to business.
Founded by

Joining forces for one shared purpose.

Beyond Beta is a collaboration between 11 industry-specific clusters, The Danish Business Hubs, Accelerace and TechBBQ. Together, we have gathered the right knowledge and network to navigate the tricky startup process. We work to keep good ideas and innovations alive, and help shape a better tomorrow.

We are sorry for the inconvenience...

But the application for Beyond Beta is temporarily closed. Have you already applied, we will contact you directly.  We will let you know here on our website when we again accept applications – stay tuned!
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